How I read Tarot

Am I making the right decision? Do I need to know more? Will I regret this?

These types of questions can arrive within us every day, and they can also be the jumping-off point to making major important life decisions and changes. It can be helpful to get some guidance, reassurances and even wake-up calls at these crossroads, a tarot reading can offer this to you 

A proficient Tarot reader can tune into the ancient tool of divination true tarot cards. Creating a sacred private space where they can access answers and guidance for you. 

During a reading, you can unearth your talents, your social group, your power, your passion for career, relationships and much more. 

Ber uses her knowledge, gifts and Tarot wisdom to access the best path forward for you through a reading.

Tarot Reading

Choose the right Tarot Reading for you

Both inperson and zoom allow Ber & you to connect in a very special way sitting opposite each other allows a bond to form. You will have an indept reading and time for questions and clarification if required.


60 min Reading


Intrigued? Curious? Or feeling drawn? Book a reading in person in East Cork, Ireland.


60 min Reading


All online zoom readings are recorded and the audio sent to you via email after the reading. Available world wide.


Email Reading


Just send three clear questions and Ber will work with the cards to bring you answers and guidance.

Meet Ber

Your personal guide

Ber has been working with Tarot cards for over 40 years and professionally for almost 30 years. Ber has read for clients worldwide and has always had constant return clients and many new referrals from very satisfied clients . Ber believes  that you do have all the answers within you. She also knows that when you are stressed or not feeling confident you may lose your access to this inner knowledge. This is where a tarot reading can help you.

Ber is the best kept secret… that you are willing to share!

Ber was recommended to me by a friend a few years ago and I have been a regular client ever since. Working with tarot through Ber has brought clarity, insight and inspiration to my work and personal life.


Ber is such a wise woman and an accomplished tarot card reader.

I enjoyed my sessions with her, where she shared her insights in a respectful, compassionate and polite manner. She has a great sense of humour, which I always appreciate. The answers the cards gave to my questions and how she interpreted them were super helpful to me and prompted me to consider my options and take good decisions. No, I have not done everything she and/or the cards suggested, and this is not her fault in the slightest. 🙂 The hour of the reading went by in no time and I left wiser, more insightful and with a smile on my face. If you have questions and are drawn to ask the cards, I highly recommend that you contact Ber for a reading.


I have had regular readings with Ber over the last few years.

They always support me to navigate times of change with more insight, clarity, awareness and sense of peace around the choices I have to make and what will serve my highest evolution. Ber is full of wisdom, warmth and carries the weight of many years of experience. She is a wonderful reader, intuitive and guide. Can't recommend her enough.


Joining one of Ber’s tours to Egypt was a last minute decision for me.

I have always been fascinated with everything Egypt, and so when I heard of this trip, I was compelled to go!  Not only did Ber arrange for unique close and personal access to sites, she provided time for each of us to be present in those sacred spaces. Through her extensive knowledge and ability to tell captivating stories, we were transported back in time to ancient Egypt, experiencing it through the hearts and minds of Egyptian Deities. These visceral experiences I felt throughout this amazing trip, are truly something I have never experienced before (or since) in all of my travels.  I am forever grateful for having chosen to take this journey with Ber.


I have done a fair amount of traveling to unique destinations around the globe with various tour companies, but none of them quite like Ber’s.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Egypt with a group organized by Ber. As the only man in our small  group, I was never made to feel out of place.  In fact, her respectful approach to creating spiritual meditative experiences allowed me to participate  in ways that were comfortable for me. With her experience and contacts, Ber was able to arrange special access to places that were off limits to the average tourist, providing once in a lifetime opportunities for us!  This was a well organized trip with excellent accommodations.  I highly recommend Guidinghand Tours!