Sacred Journey to Egypt 2025

Spiritial Trip in Egypt from February 15th – March 1st .

You are bathed in the warmth of orange and deep pinks

A gentle breeze caresses your body as you relax into a slower pace of life. The last rays of evening sun cast a golden glow across the land and the gentle movement of the river lulls you into a deep peace and connection with all.

You feel a deep bliss and gratitude for the day you spent with a tribe of spiritually minded seekers from all walks of life. You have a sense of belonging to this family of Like-Minded Travellers.

Where Are You?

Sailing down the River Nile in Egypt with a group of heart centred seekers, who have come together to experience the sacredness and glory of Egypt for themselves.

Join Ber for a spiritual trip in Egypt: a journey to the Sacred Ancient Land of Egypt from February 15th to March 1st 2025.

Egypt Temple

Our destinations

We begin our journey in Cairo where we take a day trip to the stepped pyramid complex of Sakara. While in Cairo we will also spend our private time in the Great Pyramid a truly amazing experience. Visit the Spinx and the plateau. Our friend Gamal who has a vast knowledge of essential oils and perfumes will welcome us as a group to his oil shop for an afternoon or evening where we can ask him our questions and listen to his vast knowledge. All this in the first three days. 

Our next stop is Luxor with the beautiful Temples of Luxor and Karnak on the east bank and the Valley of the Kings, Isis Temple (a little known temple) on the West Bank. Plus time for some shopping in the market and local shops. The Temples of Dendara and Abydos will call us for a visit from Luxor with an overnight stay in Abydos town. Then back to Esna city where we travel to meet our Dahayba  (boat) and sail on the Nile for four days and four nights stopping at the Temples of Komombo and Edfu. Also seeing the way people still farm and fish along the Nile banks. You will think you have stepped back in time to a simpler way of living. On to Aswan where we disembark and head to the island Temple of Philea. You will have an added extra option of adding a visit to Abu Simble from here.

Explore Egypt from Cairo to Aswan traveling by air, road and river. Experience a mix of modern and old Egypt.

Visit Temples that are up to 4,500 years old. Temples dedicated to the sacred feminine, the gods and the cosmos.

Experience the Great Pyramid of Egypt undisturbed, because our group will avail of two hours of private time inside this wonder of the ancient world.

Spiritual trip to Egypt
Spiritual trip to Egypt
Banks of the River Nile Spiritual trip to Egypt

Egypt: the mysterious land that has been calling to travellers for a very long time indeed. A land where the ancient stones speak with resonant, clear voices. Where one must listen for the spirit of the past to reveal its mysteries to us today.

What makes this spiritual trip in Egypt as a journey different?

Private time

Being alone in the Great Pyramid one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world is a truly mind-blowing experience and this is what Ber wants you to experience having your mind blown open to new understandings and experiences.

25 years of experience

Ber has 25 years of experience  visiting Egypt with groups.Over the years she has discovered what works for spiritual minded groups. She continues to look for new experiences to enhance your experience of Egypt.

Food in Egypt

Food is always a consideration when visiting a foreign country. In Egypt there is a very good selection of foods from grilled chicken and other meats to a good variety of vegetarian dishes both modern and traditional.

Seeing Egyptian life as it is today

As You travel through Egypt from Cairo to Aswan you will see the many different lifestyles from City life, Village life, country life and the life styles of those who live on the banks of the Nile. Ber has always believed that “Travel Broadens The Mind” so she wants you to see the as much of this culture from the modern high-rise buildings to the simple mud huts and everything in-between.



Spiritual trip to Egypt 1

Group Sharing

Evening Circle sharing, morning meditation(when possible) Plus an alternative look at history. Ber is happy to share her knowledge of how she believes Egypt came about. She acknowledges the Egyptolegologist’s  way of looking at history yet also believes there is a pre history story asking to be discover as we journey through the Sacred Land go Egypt.We access this through meditation and quiet time.  

Spiritual trip to Egypt


Ber has found for her groups that certain hotels work better. Over the years Ber has found some quaint hotels and also those that have areas where you can sit and chat or contemplate the days journey.With the joy of journeying on the Nile Ber has settled for the more traditional boat The Dayabhia these boat are completely equipped with modern facilities. The boat is only for Ber’s group so you can relax on the sun lounger , read a book, take your photos or join with others for a chat all while being looked after by fantastic staff. Stopping at Temples and accessing them from the river is like stepping into the shoes of our forefathers before modern modes of transportation.

Besides all the above, you will visit museums, Papyrus stores, Essential Oil shops, Fair-trade shops and little shops run by families. Weather permitting, we may even fit in a Hot Air Balloon ride.

What’s included:

    • Pick up at Cairo airport and transfer to our hotel + return transfer from our hotel to the airport.
    • 14 Nights Bed & 14 Breakfast.
    • 8 evening meals. *
    • 3 lunches *
    • All transfers and transportation
    • All entrance fees to Temples etc on our Itinerary
    • All internal flights.
    • 4 nights on our own private Dahabeya (boat) sailing down the Nile.
    • Private visit to the interior of the Great Pyramid.
    • Our own Egyptian guide.

* Lunches are a very reasonable price in Egypt and because people have varied dietary preferences Ber has found it best to allow people to choose for themselves. We will find the best places to eat lunch for the group)

* Evening meals are included for our time in Luxor and on the boat. The chefs here are very accommodating and have worked with Ber’s groups before. Ber has found that sometimes people are full after lunch or tired and don’t require an evening meal so besides the 8 night’s meals you have the choice whether to buy a full meal or not.

What’s not included:

    • International return flights from Ireland (or your departing country) to Cairo.
    • Travel and personal Insurance (you must have insurance)
    • Drinks including water and tea, coffee, alcohol etc.
    • Personal spending, approximately 10 lunches, 6 evening meals, tips & gratuities
    • Hot Air Ballon ride


    • Per person sharing €3,100 (single Supplement €700) total €3,800
    • Please note Single supplement may not be available on the boat.
    • A non refundable deposit of €800 to secure your place by September 9th or earlier if you wish. Full payment due by October 31st 2024.

Spiritual Trip in Egypt Itinerary

Day 1: (February15th)

Arrive at Cairo Airport to be met by personal assistant and guided through customs and then taken to our Cairo Hotel where we will have a meet and greet gathering.

Day 2: 16th we take our coach to Saqqara where we see the step pyramid and head into the underground serapeum, a truly amazing burial or ritual place from the age of Taurus. Then on to the pyramid of Unas where we find the pyramid texts. After leaving Saqqara our coach will take us to a lovely traditional Egyptian garden restaurant for lunch and a cool drink. In the afternoon we visit an oil/perfume store. Here we meet a very old friend that Ber has been bringing groups to for the past 24 years. Here you will learn what oils suit you and what oils go best with each or your chakras.

Day 3: 17th  We have an early morning Private visit to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Afterwards we will return to our hotel for breakfast and a few hours rest. That afternoon we fly to Luxor and check into our Hotel. Over the next few days, we will explore The Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut’s temple, Isis Temple, Alabaster factory, the Temples of Karnak and Luxor, Chapel of Sekhmet and of course some pool time and shopping. Luxor is a beautiful city built on the banks of the Nile.

Day 6: 20th we will travel by private coach to Dendara Temple and Abydos Temple. We spend an overnight in the Hotel in Abydos returning to Esna on February 21st. where we board our own private boat: Dahabya

For four nights we will have our Dahabya (boat) to ourselves sailing the Nile. We will stop off at Komombo Temple and Edfu Temple.

Day 10: 25th arrive in Aswan and check into our hotel. In Aswan we will visit the Island temple of Philea a beautiful temple dedicated to the Feminine.

Day 11: 26th.We visit a traditional Nuban village and there will be an opportunity to visit Abu Simbel temple if people want to but this will be an extra cost.

Day 12: 27th  Fly from Aswan to Cairo checking into our hotel and exploring the Giza Plateau.

Day 13: 28th Discover the Khan El Khalili. The oldest market in Egypt and the GEM Egypts new  national Museum.

Day 14 (March 1st):  We say our goodbyes and take our bus or taxi to the Cairo Airport.

See our previous tour’s sights and what we covered on the Egypt Trip Gallery page!

Is Egypt calling you? 


What are you waiting for?

Contact Ber at or phone +35 387 976 4658.

Ber will chat to you and see if the spiritual trip in Egypt, this Sacred Journey suits your needs.

See what our guest participants have to say about the spiritual trip in Egypt:

Ber is the best kept secret… that you are willing to share!

Ber was recommended to me by a friend a few years ago and I have been a regular client ever since. Working with tarot through Ber has brought clarity, insight and inspiration to my work and personal life.


Ber is such a wise woman and an accomplished tarot card reader.

I enjoyed my sessions with her, where she shared her insights in a respectful, compassionate and polite manner. She has a great sense of humour, which I always appreciate. The answers the cards gave to my questions and how she interpreted them were super helpful to me and prompted me to consider my options and take good decisions. No, I have not done everything she and/or the cards suggested, and this is not her fault in the slightest. 🙂 The hour of the reading went by in no time and I left wiser, more insightful and with a smile on my face. If you have questions and are drawn to ask the cards, I highly recommend that you contact Ber for a reading.


I have had regular readings with Ber over the last few years.

They always support me to navigate times of change with more insight, clarity, awareness and sense of peace around the choices I have to make and what will serve my highest evolution. Ber is full of wisdom, warmth and carries the weight of many years of experience. She is a wonderful reader, intuitive and guide. Can’t recommend her enough.


Joining one of Ber’s tours to Egypt was a last minute decision for me.

I have always been fascinated with everything Egypt, and so when I heard of this trip, I was compelled to go!  Not only did Ber arrange for unique close and personal access to sites, she provided time for each of us to be present in those sacred spaces. Through her extensive knowledge and ability to tell captivating stories, we were transported back in time to ancient Egypt, experiencing it through the hearts and minds of Egyptian Deities. These visceral experiences I felt throughout this amazing trip, are truly something I have never experienced before (or since) in all of my travels.  I am forever grateful for having chosen to take this journey with Ber.


I have done a fair amount of traveling to unique destinations around the globe with various tour companies, but none of them quite like Ber’s.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Egypt with a group organized by Ber. As the only man in our small  group, I was never made to feel out of place.  In fact, her respectful approach to creating spiritual meditative experiences allowed me to participate  in ways that were comfortable for me. With her experience and contacts, Ber was able to arrange special access to places that were off limits to the average tourist, providing once in a lifetime opportunities for us!  This was a well organized trip with excellent accommodations.  I highly recommend Guidinghand Tours!